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The Myth of Feng Shui 风水之谜

Updated: May 15, 2019

What really matter in Feng Shui? 什么才是真正的风水呢?

Last weekend I car pooled with my friends for camping. In the car I shared with them that I'm going to launch a blog regarding Chinese Metaphysics and immediately they throw me with a lot questions on what topics I'm going to share. To my surprise, even though they know I learned Feng Shui for quite sometime and i did share with them some of my Feng Shui stories but their questions still sound the same as other people who thought it is about lucky numbers, lucky colors, lucky name, auspicious item placement, wearing lucky ornament, crystals, painting, keeping fish, plastic surgery, etc. No doubt that to a certain extend, it may help to increase one's confidence level for example plastic surgery because it looks nice on appearance or it gives them a peace of mind by doing something they believe will bring them luck. But sorry to say that all that's mentioned above are irrelevant to Feng Shui.

上个周末与朋友共车去露营。我向他们聊到我即将写一些关于玄学的部落格,他们便好奇的问我是不是关于幸运号码,幸运颜色,名字可否改运,要摆放什么吉物,穿戴什么饰物,用水晶能量净化磁场,挂山水画,养九条鱼,整容等等。平日我都会向他们分享一些风水的小故事,没想到他们对风水的认知也和一般人一样, 倒有点出乎意料。无可否认,以上所说的一切,在某个程度上可能会有帮助。比如说,整容可以增加个人自信心,幸运物品/颜色/号码/饰物可以带给一个人安心,快乐因为当下他们是相信可以改变他们的运气。但很可惜,这所有的一切一切都与风水扯不上关系啊~

Let's make it clear that:-


The purpose of Feng Shui is only one, which is to TAP the GOOD Qi,avoid the bad Qi! Qi is something unseen but exist in the environment that is able to assist us in achieving our goals if it is good and drain us down when it is bad. Imagine Qi as a water flowing, and our job is to get this GOOD"water" flow into our property. This is the true meaning of Feng Shui. 风水的目的只有一个,就是把好的“气”引进物业里,避免不好的“气”。气是一种看不见但又确确实实存在环境里的能量。好的气能协助我们达成梦想,不好的却带来祸害。想象气是水流,我们就要设法让好的流入我们的物业里。这就是风水

A Feng Shui master normally will do the following:-

  1. Identify the source of Qi, which is normally from a mountain.

  2. Find a place where Qi gathers. This is normally in a junction or still water like swimming pool and pond .

  3. Find out the flow of the Qi normally from higher land to lower land or the flow of the river.

Then they will do alignment to the property's main door, headboard of bed, study the table and stove to make sure they can receive the Qi.


  1. 认定气的来源,一般会在山

  2. 找聚气的地方,一般在路口/静态水如游泳池,湖

  3. 看气流,通常都是从高处到低处或看水流


Remember this Feng Shui's principle: no Qi no Feng Shui. Stop spending on the unnecessary "Feng Shui" items that will eventually collect dust at a corner of your property after you realized they do not work. 谨记这风水哲理,没有”气“就没有风水。不要再浪费金钱在一些不必要的”风水“物品上因为最终它们的命运是一样的,就是当您知道他们是无效的时候,就会把它们打入冷宫。

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